Monday, September 6, 2010

kim + brian (their Kincardine wedding)

Kim and Brian's wedding was the perfect grand finale to our (unofficial) last wedding of the summer season. A country-vintage feel and on-the-beach photography location made this wedding truly spectacular.. not to mention that working with Kim and Brian again was a lot of fun. They are so darn cute together. Brian was the most beaming groom I think I have ever seen - he was just so relaxed right from the start of the day. Ear-to-ear smiles. I guess he must have been pretty comfortable with the idea of having Kim for a wife and hosting a big party just to celebrate it. She's a good catch, and he knows it!

We loved working with this bride and groom - they made us feel like a couple of old familiar friends. Thank you for having us Kim and Brian... and congratulations! All our best to you : )

I don't think any wedding beach photos would be complete without at least one wedding-party-jumping shot... so here it is:

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