Thursday, August 19, 2010

samantha and mike (the wedding)

It must be said that Samantha looked amazing at her wedding. She's completely adorable on any given day, but on the particular day in which she married Mike, there was something about her that just glowed. Mike was quite dashing himself - and anyone could see it: these two were just plain excited to be getting married. It was obvious by their intense "texting of encouragement" back and forth just minutes before the ceremony.  You could see it in the look on his face when he finally saw her. And in that best-friends-bear-hug they shared right after the first kiss. We couldn't ask for a sweeter couple. And I don't know how one girl can possibly smile as much as Samantha!

Thank you to Samantha and Mike, and to everyone who shared this day with us. It was so much fun working with all of you... and a special thanks to all the kiddies who cut a major rug on the dance floor!

Congratulations Sam and Mike!

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