Monday, August 30, 2010

lyndsay + matt (2 dresses and a wedding @ the Delta)

We adored working with Lyndsay and Matt on their engagement session last fall, and we knew it would be a lot of the same goodness on their wedding day. It was. We have been excited for this day for a long time; not only because we knew how great our bride and groom would be to photograph. This wedding had a special element to it (in honour of Matt's culture) that we had never experienced before - a Chinese tea ceremony, which is a tradition intended to show respect to older generations. It was really cool to watch. After the tea ceremony, Lyndsay changed into her wedding gown and her girls changed into their bridesmaid getup; pink dresses of their choice, with no exact-colour-matching required. I loved the way these dresses looked together ... and I'm sure the girls were thrilled at Lyndsay's laid-back approach.

The wedding and reception was held at the Delta Armouries in downtown London. We planned on wedding party photos in the streets and alleyways (whoo hoo!) but just before it was time to head out, it began to rain. And not the pretty kind of rain. Heavy, down-pouring rain (when we checked our rain gage later, it said we got 2 inches in about 3 hours!) So we moved on to Plan B, which was to use the Delta's indoor areas for most of the shots. And all was good. Just before the reception, Lyndsay and Matt grabbed a couple of umbrellas and humoured us for about 30 seconds of outdoor photos (still raining, a lot). They are awesome for doing that.

Thank you Lyndsay and Matt - for everything you have shared with us. It has been a pleasure to work with you. And even though you heard the phrase "rain is good luck on your wedding day!" about one million times ... I really don't think you two require any luck. 


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