Friday, August 27, 2010

bridget + young sang (their final wedding celebration!)

Several years ago, Bridget left Canada to live and teach in South Korea. It was there in the city of Seoul that she met Young Sang (he was her student!) and, as these things tend to happen, they proceeded to fall in love. And then they decided to get married ... which wasn't just as simple as it sounds. This was one of four wedding ceremonies our bride and groom endured - and for Young Sang, his best man, and his family it was without question very different than the Korean wedding experience. They just took it all in, and whether or not they thought it was weird they didn't say. For our Canadian girl Bridget, she is incredible. I commend her for planning such an event from the other side of the world. With the support of an amazing mother and sister back home, this day went off without a hitch (minus the heat- but who's complaining) and it was simply a beautiful wedding at the fabulous Windermere Manor

Congratulations Bridget and Young Sang! 

 Bridget's dress was so unique and it was as if it was made for just her. Which it was...

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