Wednesday, August 4, 2010

andrew + brie (save the date! engagement session)

My Dad and my uncle farm the land on this property so I have known about it pretty much since birth. For the longest time, I have been hoping that eventually someone would be willing to drive out to the middle of nowhere (near Oil Springs) and let me photograph them there. Enter Andrew and Brie, who wanted a picnic-y feel to their engagement session but were looking for a good spot. So I played matchmaker, and set them up with a great scene for their shoot- and they totally filled in the blanks with their own ideas which made for a really, really cute engagement session. The lighting was beautiful. Brie and Andrew have some serious chemistry and they were amazing to work with. It was stellar! And I could ramble on about it some more, but I won't. 

Andrew and Brie are highschool sweethearts (awww!) who will be married in Sarnia in October 2011. They will be using their photos to create a save-the-date slideshow for their wedding guests. And I know they will look back on these shots one day many years from now and say things like, "Wow we look so young!"

Thank you to both of you, this was a fun and very satisfying photo shoot for us; a favourite for sure. We can't wait for the wedding! And for any current or future clients of ours, if you are willing to make the drive out to this spot I would love to shoot there again.

Enjoy the preview :)

(wardrobe change!)

 (wardrobe change again!)

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