Monday, July 26, 2010

patti + steve (Chicopee wedding)

Chicopee (in Kitchener) is best known as a winter ski and snowboard resort. So we were very curious to see it as a wedding venue in July! It was actually a fantastic location with a ton of outdoor photo spots and a great indoor reception space. Patti and Steve had a fun and enthusiastic wedding party in tow which always makes our job easier. They even played volleyball in their fancy attire! It was a wonderful day and we were happy to be there to photograph it. Thank you Patti and Steve! 

this was the sky just minutes before the ceremony... we still can't believe it didn't rain!


below is one of my favourite shots of Steve, he's telling Patti how good she looks : )

(this guy was awesome!!)

below: one of the (hairless headed) groomsmen brought along a wig so that he could have hair like everyone else... you will see him sporting it later on, but for now the volleyball wanted to try it out

that's it for the preview .... many more to come! Thanks again guys : )

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