Thursday, July 22, 2010

leanne and greg (engagement session)

When I spoke with Greg on the phone before their engagement shoot, he told me how they had found a great spot for photos around an old house in Kleinburg. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when we headed out of town and pulled into an overgrown laneway which eventually led us to this place you'll see in our photos. As creepy as it was, it was a fabulous photo spot. And what a great pair to work with... not just because they are fun, they look cute together and were easy to photograph. But they were as excited as we were to poke around inside the old house and to explore its surrounding property. We found a lot of weird stuff...
Leanne actually discovered this spot when she was doing some work nearby - so she gets the credit for this one. Abandoned house, crumbling barn; we were like kids in a candy store. Thanks to both of you for being so adventurous for us!

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