Friday, July 30, 2010

ashley + michael (the wedding!)

As a little girl, Ashley would often pass by the old chapel in Lynedoch and dream about the day she could get married there. Years later, a recently-engaged Ashley and her soon-to-be husband Michael sealed the deal on the ceremony venue. Their ceremony was to be held on the lawn in front of the chapel in Cranberry Creek Gardens. In the event of rain, they would move the ceremony indoors. But it wouldn't rain. Ashley was sure of it! On the day of the wedding, the outlook wasn't so good. They had dodged the bullet all morning, but the clouds had been threatening and there was pretty much a 100% chance of rain. Just as the guests were arriving, it began to pour. Which meant that the beautiful outdoor ceremony Ashley had imagined for years would have to be scrapped. So the guests were ushered inside and seated, and the groomsmen made their way to the altar. Michael took his place at the front of the church where he nervously watched the door in anticipation. A couple minutes passed by. And then, a message arrived from the girls:  Ashley wanted to wait it out a few minutes. She was certain that her outdoor ceremony was going to be possible! We have no idea how she knew that it would stop raining. But within a few minutes, the rain tapered off and the guests filed back outside. Chairs were toweled dry and the guests were seated. And thus began the beautiful wedding ceremony of Ashley and Michael. We love outdoor ceremonies, so a tip of the hat to you, Ashley!  We spent the entire day with Ashley, Mike and their wedding party... and it was a blast. This is one of the sweetest couples in the world! We can't appreciate enough the friendliness of their entourage - and the amount of fun we had working with them. The party continued on in Delhi at the beautiful Backstage Capitol Theatre. It was a perfect wedding. Thank you everyone! Enjoy the preview : )

(that's Ashley in the middle)

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