Sunday, June 13, 2010

mat and heather... the wedding!

I was excited when Mat and Heather asked me to do their wedding photography because it would be my first wedding working with people I really knew. Since Jeremy was standing up in their wedding party, this would also be my first time working a wedding alone. But I was up for the challenge since it meant a front-row view of the action (plus a pretty unique wedding gift for Mat and Heather!)

The outdoor wedding they had envisioned took more than just a little preparation and planning. It meant hand-picking peonies, rigging up electrical installations, and a lot of attention to a thousand tiny details. Mat and Heather headed up a team of their friends and family and worked themselves silly to get ready for their wedding day. In the end it was a huge success - a beautiful venue, a beautiful day (in spite of the rain that had been in the forecast) and most importantly, the marriage of two best friends that had stuck together for a decade.

We loved your wedding Mat and Heather - it was great to see you both so happy and surrounded by your most favourite people in the world.


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