Saturday, May 15, 2010

The News: we are moving to London! Finally!

I try to limit the amount of time I ramble on about my own personal life ... but I am at a loss for words to describe how excited I am. We sold our house! Therefore (drumroll please) ... we are FINALLY moving to London! In June! Because we just bought a house there! A house with a basement! Closets! And a built-in dishwasher! All brand new luxuries for this girl.

From the get-go, it has been our goal to move our business to London to be closer to our families. For that reason, we have conducted most of our business in that area. For two years of weekends we have worn a path from our house on Lake Simcoe to London (a 6 hour round trip) and I swear I could almost drive it blindfolded.  We have lived out of suitcases, jam-packed cars, basements and picnic baskets. I think we've almost exhausted our parents (thank you parents!). And on all these long drives, we have talked and talked and talked about the day we could finally move.

So now it's time to jump into our new life in a new city. I'm excited. Did I mention I am really excited? We will still be shooting weddings all over southern Ontario but we will definitely do much of our work right in London. Of course it's a big and scary change - especially since Jeremy will be leaving his job in Toronto - but I know we will make it work. I think this may be more insane than the time we got married, bought a house, fixed it up, had a baby and dreamed up a business all in one year. After this move I'm pretty sure we won't be stirring up any more newsmakers for quite some time. Hopefully.

What's next for the short-term? Well since this means an end to home showings, I may take a couple days off from making my bed. I might even let the laundry pile up a bit. I will definitely let Eliot trash his playroom. I'm really focused on photo editing right now, so I'll still be working away at staying on top of things.

Thank you so much to our past and current clients- you have helped make this possible. You too, Doug MacEachern of Prudential Renascent Realty! And Kathryn Armstrong of Century 21 in London. And thank you family - you'll be seeing even more of us in the very near future, but now we can go home and sleep in our own house at night. Eliot and Lou-dog, you have both been so patient with all these car rides. It's almost over. Hang in there.

Photography-wise, it is getting crazy good busy around here with wedding season kicking off last weekend. Which is a fantastic thing since I love being busy doing what I love. Check back often for updates, because I know there will be plenty. We have tons o' weddings and photo sessions on the horizon. I am so happy to be back out in full swing...  Photography Season 2010 is just starting, but 2011 is looking awesome already. Good stuff.

See you later, cute little cottage home with only one not-so-cute little closet! So long, roll-over-to-the-sink-1970s-dishwasher! Goodbye suitcases!

See you soon London : )

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