Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ashley + Roy ... get married!

She is an Olympic rower, he is a quirky break-out-into-random-song kind of guy. On their wedding day, he gave her a vintage edition of the Joy of Cooking and she gave him books about making ice cream. They laugh together. A lot. They have inside stories and sayings, and they share a world together all their own. They are best friends. 

I think it's a good thing that Roy and Ashley decided to have their first look before the ceremony. When he turned around to see his soon-to-be wife, Roy's reaction was perfection... he couldn't find the words to tell her how beautiful she looked. Just lots of WOW!! 's ... And then they settled down a bit before the whirlwind of wedding day chaos, and read a really cool and simple little book to each other. 

If you and I had some drums...And some horns and some horses...if we had some hats and some...Flags and some fire engines...We could be a holiday. We could be a celebration...We could be a whole parade...See what I mean?  Even if it was the...nine hundred and ninety-ninth of July...Even if it was August... Even if it was way down at the bottom of November...Even if it was no place particular in January...I would go on choosing you...And you would go on choosing me...Over and over again. That's how it would happen every time. I don't know why. I guess I don't know why I like you really

Why do I like you? I guess I just like you. I guess I just like you... Because I like you.
    (excerpt from I Like You, by Sandol Stoddard ... a highly recommended read!)

So all the love and excitement and the Ashley-and-Roy-ness pushed aside the cold, and the pouring rain and the sideways wind... and we witnessed a really, really great wedding. There is definitely something different about these two and their togetherness. Whatever it is, everyone should have it. Thank you for sharing your day with us Ashley and Roy! 

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