Sunday, September 13, 2009

Olga & Mike

What a wedding. It’s difficult to pinpoint what made it so great. Maybe it was the down-home-on-the-farm ambience, with birch bark vases, homemade preserves, jelly jar candles and handcrafted wooden accents. Maybe it was the gracious crowd of their family and friends, many of whom hauled trailers and set up camp for the night in the cow pasture across the road from the farm. Or, perhaps the best thing about the whole day was the fact that Mike and Olga had defied the odds that life has challenged them with for the past two years, and they had simply made it to their wedding day. Their story is long, but every single person who came to celebrate their marriage knew that it was truly a blessed day. Long story short: Beautiful and genuine girl marries her super-lucky prince charming. And they live happily every after.
Thank you Olga and Mike, for allowing us to capture your wedding day for you. And for showing us what real love is all about. It's a day we will never forget.
- Kristen

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